Common Myths about Termite Control


alone, every year, these tiny insects cause more than a billion dollars-worth of property damage. Though termites are extremely common as pests, there are a number

Important Facts about Termite Treatment during winter


Termite infestations have a devastating impact on residential and commercial buildings.  Around the world, these small insects are responsible for property damage worth billions of dollars.

How to Identify Signs of Termite Infestation


There is no denying the fact that all pests are extremely sneaky creatures. However, out of all the pests, termites are probably the most hated ones.

Utilising Termite Head-Banging for Termite Management


Termites are not really known as intelligent creatures. Many of you may be surprised to know that these tiny pests can communicate with each other. However,

Importance of Termite Inspection before Buying a New Home


It is true that buying a new home brings about a lot of excitement for new homeowners. However, this is also the time when we must

Reasons behind the Growing Popularity of Termite Baiting Systems


Termite infestation has always been a serious threat to households as well as business establishments around the world. Over the years, many different control and prevention